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Intelletec is a global recruitment agency made up of a team of specialists in their selective fields. Everyone brings something to the table in order to ensure your recruitment needs are met and facilitated in a timely manner. Why not meet the team below and see how our strengths can help grow your business through smart recruitment.


Founder of Intelletec Jason has over eight years in recruitment experience, an all rounder Jason specialises in Fintech, Data Science & Cyber Security teams across the globe. Splitting his time between managing the London and LA office Jason is as hands on as they come. If Jason had to host a dinner party and invite six people dead or alive from any moment in history he would chose… His father, His Wife, Thierry Henry, Louis Armstrong, Albert Einstein and Emily Ratajkowski. Specialist Area: Blockchain, Bitcoin & Fintech, Software Engineering

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Gary is responsible for the operations, legals and financials at Intelletec as well as the development of the UK and US teams. If Gary had to host a dinner party and invite six people dead or alive from any moment in history he would choose...Bruce Lee, Charles Darwin, Leonardo Da Vinci, Slash, Steve Jobs and Jennifer Anniston

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Originally from Oakland CA, William Banks Taylor is the latest recruit to our LA Office. He has a background in B2B tech sales in San Francisco and LA, and before joining Intelletec spent time working in the Business Development Team of Technical Recruitment Agency. He now hails from Santa Monica and likes to spend his time outside, enjoying the beach and hiking in the mountains overlooking LA. If William had to host a dinner party and invite six people dead or alive from any moment in history, he would choose, John Wayne, Frank Sinatra, Miyamoto Musashi, Michael Jordan, F.Scott Fitzgerald and Socrates.

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Avid traveller and thrill seeker. Daniel, originally from London has recently finished a journey of a life-time travelling across Europe, Asia & North America from mountains to beaches, he’s done it all over the course of two years! Daniel joins us to head up the mobile division at Intelletec in California & New York; following 4 years recruitment experience specialising in mobile technologies (Android & iOS) in London. Daniel is very active in the mobile industry and has organised and sponsorbed multiple mobile focused events. If Daniel were to host a dinner party and invite six people dead or alive from any moment in history he would choose… Karl Pilkington, Joe Rogan, Louis Theroux, David Attenborough, Sigmund Freud and Charles Darwin.

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Monty joined the Intelletec team at the tender age of 12 weeks and has been a constant fixture in our Los Angeles office ever since. He likes helping people around the office by sitting next to them and offering morale support. He chews bones to help him concentrate and think of new strategic ideas and lies in his bed while he crunches the numbers. During his spare time Monty enjoys staying fit by taking long hikes around Los Angeles, play fighting and of course sleeping.

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Born and raised in London, Theodore has recently made the move to our Los Angeles office. With his proven sales record he’s ready to take on the East Coast! When he’s not tracking down superstar talent, Theodore enjoys spending time with his young daughter, playing golf and as a self confessed foodie he loves trying out new restaurants. If Theodore had to host a dinner party and invite six people dead or alive from any moment in history, he would choose... His wife, Tiger Woods, Thierry Henry, Roger Federer, Michael Mcintyre, and Kanye West.

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Kiel (an alternate spelling of Kyle (kahyl). It can be pronounced like "Kyle" or "keel".) specialises in finding the very best cyber security professionals and heads up Intelletec's InfoSec recruitment division in the USA. If Kiel were to host a dinner party and invite six people dead or alive from any moment in history he would choose... Donald Trump, Teresa May, Max Clifford, Rupert Murdoch, Andrew Wakefield and The Iron Lady herself, Margaret Thatcher.

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NYC based, London raised AI and Machine Learning recruiter with 6 years’ full life cycle recruitment experience. Rebaz is currently contemplating going Vegan although admittedly for diet purposes. If Rebaz was to host a dinner party and invite six people, he would invite Elon Musk, Arnold Shwarzeneggar, Lebron James, Lionel Messi, George Carlin and John Lennon. Rebaz enjoys networking, making cocktails and organizing social events for data science folk. WeWork FiDi Ping-Pong champion.

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When I'm not learning the art of Muay Thai, I love keeping up to date with current tech trends and form part of Intelletec's UK team, focussing on recruiting the best technology professionals in town! If I was to have dinner with 6 people it would be Tom Hardy, Amy Winehouse, Tara Palmer-Tomkinson, Johnny Depp, Ozzy Osborne, and Steve-O.

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Aria Mahsoul

Senior Consultant | Digital and Technology

Born and raised in Santa Monica, Aria spent 3 years in the Silicon Valley as a student at the University of California Santa Cruz prior to becoming a Tech Recruiter. Outside of recruiting, Aria enjoys playing basketball, spending time with family & friends, and taking naps. Six people he would like at the dinner table; Kobe Bryant, Will Smith, Connor McGregor, Dave Chapelle, Shaq, and Kylie Jenner. Aria's favorite Persian dish is Fesenjoon.

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Georgina is an AI & Data Science Consultant at Intelletec, specialising in permanent and contract recruitment. She helps her clients find the best talent to build their Machine Learning Engines and figure out what all the data means! She takes pride in matching candidates with opportunities that are fascinating and challenging. 6 people she would invite to a dinner party: Murasaki Shikibu, Alan Carr, Queen Esther. Zelda Fitzgerald, Jake Gyllenhaal and Nat King Cole

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Jenni considers herself a forever student (always learning) and an adventurer. Whenever she is not reading about the latest tech or scrolling through reddit posts, she is usually on adventurers with her hubby. You'll typically find Jenni attempting to win a chicken dinner on PUBG with friends, cooking with new flavors, Scuba Steve-ing it up in the ocean, or accidentally riding down a black diamond run on a mountain. If Jenni were to host a dinner and invite anyone, she would invite... her husband, Charlie Miller, Martin Seligman, Shawn White, Jacques-Yves Cousteau, and Walt Disney.

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