Love Inc


We started working with Love Inc. due to our previous relationship with the founding team (Ryan Breslow), who had already built successful organizations at billion dollar valuations. Love Inc. was in ‘stealth mode’, growing a product from the ground up, so they needed excellent talent at the right frequency to hit hiring milestones. We had to create compelling messaging and a headhunting strategy to represent the brand to the market in the best way.


We proposed a multi-hire project retainer (our “Scale Up” model), which covered Software Engineers, Designers, Chief of Staff, Business Operations, and Product and Marketing leadership, too. This solution is proposed for labor intensive sourcing situations, as we had to build the team from the ground up. It allowed us to dedicate a lot of senior resources to the project, inclusive of leaders at Intelletec. We started in Q4 of 2021, and had made multiple hires across the project as we entered 2022.

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