Research Scientist

Intelletec is partnered with a software start-up that uses machine learning to find hidden talent in the workforce!


This client is looking for a Research Data Scientist who will work closely with the Chief Data Scientist to improve existing models and develop new models.


Other Responsibilities Include:

  • Manage and run experiments with a mix of public and private data sources
  • Produce rigorous documentation of findings, including white papers and/or peer-reviewed publications as appropriate
  • Formulate new, adjacent research questions and train models to address them


Our Ideal Candidate

  • Has experience in novel research using ML techniques to answer questions.
  • Particularly interested in individuals with experience in one or more of the following research areas: Algorithmic Bias, Labor Economics, Workforce Development

Fluent with ML tools and techniques including:

  • Python - particularly with data science libraries
  • Dimensionality reduction techniques (e.g. PCA, SVD, t-SNE, UMAP etc.)
  • Time series analysis methods
  • Tools to scale to larger models and datasets (e.g. PySpark and Spark)
  • Flask or other web frameworks for API development
  • Cloud machine-learning platforms (e.g. SageMaker)