5 things you can add to your benefits scheme today

August 11, 2022

Creating a compelling benefits scheme can be difficult to navigate, especially as there are so many incredible options to choose from. Benefits don’t just allow you to attract better talent, but they also enable you to look after your employees, whilst incentivizing them to take advantage of what you have on offer.

We’ve taken the time to research and scour the market for 5 things that you can add to your benefits scheme, all of which will add long-term value to your business proposition, as well as improve the lives of your employees.

  1. Personal development fund

Allocating 1-3% on top of an employee’s salary per year for personal development purposes. This could be used for courses such as driving lessons, improving a personal skill such as learning an instrument or taking an art class, or even to fulfill a hobby or passion such as teaching yoga or a specialized fitness class. 

Not only does this allow you to support your employee’s passions and desires outside of work, but it directly impacts their development both inside and outside the business. The amount is naturally at your discretion, but it’s a great boost for employees and can enable you to become a more equitable workplace. 

Something we do at Intelletec to support this ethos is providing additional leadership training for managers, as well as offering access to weekly exercise classes such as yoga and spin for personal and physical development.

  1. Mental health workshops and support

The need to look after our mental wellbeing has skyrocketed over the past couple of years, and creating a benefit that is dedicated to mental health is a great way to show support, whilst also providing direct access to mental health care, which can take extensive time, money, and resources to find. 

Whether it’s via an App that employees can access which is funded by your organization, or in-house therapy using an external provider, there are multiple ways in which you can support employees with their mental health in an inclusive and safe way. 

Our Healthcare via Blue Shield now has access to free mental health support. Some of our team use their wellness budget for apps like Calm and Headspace to focus on mental health.

  1. Remote work program

Remote working has become the norm for many organizations, but, have you thought about creating a remote work program that allows for international travel? 

Giving employees the opportunity to work abroad for a month every year with an allocated “remote work” budget enables them to experience new countries and cultures, whilst also having the opportunity to work and earn at the same time. 

Our advice would be to pick a time-zone allowance (so employees aren’t working through the night) and encourage individuals to take advantage of this opportunity!

Our team can also work from anywhere in the world whenever they want (as long as they make the timezones work!).

  1. Paid sabbatical after X years of service

Many organizations offer sabbaticals after four or five years of service, but offering a paid sabbatical allows you to elevate your benefits scheme a little further! Whether it’s 2 months paid or 4 months, this added bonus will boost retention and also reward employees for their years of service. 

  1. Company-wide off sites

Whether you’re a remote team or not, offering company-wide off sites (not driven by incentives or seniority) can be a great way to not only expand your benefits list, but also create community and a strong culture outside of the office. Whether it’s a local day out, or an international trip (particularly if you have a global team across multiple time zones) this can be a great way to foster better relationships, and most importantly, enjoy each-others’ company. 

We do two off sites a year which enable us to reconnect as a team, and have a great time in the process.

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