How do you know when you're ready to change jobs? Take our quiz to find out...

October 12, 2022

Qualified workers are a hot commodity in today’s market. With the ball in the court of the job seeker, many in the workforce are ditching the idea of decades of tenure at one place and are moving jobs more often. 

Making a job change can be overwhelming and understanding the right timing in your life can be half the battle. Although compensation is a major reason for many to start a job search, it’s important to clarify your motivations.

Maybe you’ve seen family, friends or old co-workers benefit from the recent job seeker friendly trends, but how do you know when it’s a good time to start interviewing?  

If you’re questioning starting a job search, we’ve created a quick ‘job change readiness’ quiz to help you understand where you’re at. This quiz will help you understand whether or not you should move on from your current company now, in the near future or if you should put your search on hold. 

Follow along below and then tally up your results at the end to find out if you’re ready to make a move… 

Question 1: How do you often feel after a work week?

  1. Tired and stressed, like the weekend isn’t long enough.
  2. A little battle weary, but overall you’re okay and ready to relax.
  3. Accomplished and excited to pick up where you left off next week.


Question 2: If recruiters reach out to you with an exciting job opportunity, how do you respond?

  1. Right away! You want to learn more as quickly as possible so you can start the interview process.
  2. Tentatively. The opportunity sounds cool and though you aren’t 100% sold, you still move forward with an informational call.
  3. You don’t respond. Or you say you’ll set up a call, but you’re busy so it falls through the cracks.


Question 3: When you’re at work do you…

  1. Watch the clock until it’s time to go home.
  2. Have productive days, but often wonder if you can sneak out early.
  3. Pack your days with meetings and socializing with coworkers and then wonder where the time goes when 5’oclock comes around!


Question 4: Which statement on compensation and benefits aligns most with your current mindset?

  1. “I feel like I’m paid unfairly and I’m constantly checking out market competition to compare salary and benefits.”
  2. “My compensation is middle of the road, but I’m not unhappy. I often get pay increases and my benefits provide the coverage I need.”
  3. “I’m very well compensated with both benefits and salary, it would be hard to beat my current package.”


Question 5: At company- wide meetings when executives share upcoming vision and goals do you feel..

  1. Checked out and bored, unsure of why you’re still there.
  2. Motivated that your company has a strong future, but left with questions if you will be a part of that future or not.
  3. Excited to do your part to help your company achieve upcoming milestones.


Question 6:  In your current role you are… 

  1. Stagnating because you don’t have anything left to learn or a new position to advance to.
  2. Growing but limited by challenges with your team and company culture.
  3. Ready for promotion and constantly challenged to tackle new projects.


Question 7: Do your coworkers and direct manager make you feel… 

  1. Invisible, like you aren’t part of the inner circle.
  2. Supported, but there is some tension and disagreement at times.
  3. Valued and an important part of the team.


Question 8: If you have interviewed lately, what was your reaction post-interview process?

  1. Excited! You emailed thank you notes to your interviewers right away and felt ready to accept a job offer.
  2. You enjoyed the interview process, but are not sure yet if you’d make the jump.
  3. You felt more strongly about your current company and position after the interview.

Time to tally your results! .. 

If you got… 

Mostly A’s

You’ve felt ready for months now! 

Set up a call with an Intelletec Recruiter this week to explore our exciting new roles.

Mostly B’s

You’re close, but might need more clarity.

 One of our recruiters may be able to help you gain insight! Contact us here.

Mostly C’s

Don’t fix what isn’t broken! You’re happy with your current role and growth potential. 

Take this quiz again in 6 months to reassess where you are at.  

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