How to effectively manage remote employees

January 13, 2022

Remote working has grown exceptionally in popularity over the past few years, with more and more employees ranking flexibility as one of their key considerations for a new role.

And it’s not just the Employees that see the value in remote working, Employers are finding that without the stress of Commuting, or the in-office distractions, their workers are more productive! But with over 50% of the workforce working remotely at least once a week, how can you effectively manage the employees if they aren’t with you in person? Here are a few of Forbes Coaches Council Top Tips for managers:

#1 Set Clear Expectations

Everyone has different ideas about time frames or what doing things “well” means - make sure you have clarity between you and your employee about what is expected of them. This will help avoid any miscommunication or confusion later on.

#2 Treat them as if they were in the office

Make sure your remote workers have as much access to you & the resources they need as they would if they were physically in the office.

#3 Be in regular contact

Make sure that you engage with your remote employees on a daily basis - this could be a Slack message, an email or even a call.  The constant interaction with you will help the employees feel included.

#4 Don’t be afraid of video calls

It can often be hard to communicate without the use of non-verbal communication, so why not hop onto a video call? Online platforms such as Zoom and offer a free tool that allows you easily connect.

#5 Trust your team

Companies can sometimes be hesitant to embrace remote working because of the uncertainty of whether employees will get work done. To combat this setup guidelines & principles for working remotely, such as use calls or texts if something is urgent rather than relying on email.

#6 Invest in tools

If remote employees are struggling to download or access something that is essential to their work it can take longer to troubleshoot remotely than it would in person. Make sure you have invested in the right tools that allow employees to work properly.

If you need help expanding your workforce - be it remote or not, get in touch with us today!

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