Are you making the most of LinkedIn?

April 12, 2022

Pretty much all of us now use social media sites like Instagram and Facebook daily, but how often do we find ourselves scrolling on LinkedIn? Nowhere near as much right!

We are always happy to publicly share a story, retweet a post or like someone’s status. However, we really do the same on LinkedIn. Considering it is the best social media platform for your career and business growth, how can we make the most of our LinkedIn accounts?

Forbes shares it’s top 10 tips of how to utilize this and accelerate your growth:

#1 The five-minute rule

Put aside five minutes each day to focus on LinkedIn, use this time to reply to one of those messages sitting in your inbox, like someone’s update about their new role or comment on an article being discussed. Keep doing this consistently each day and soon using LinkedIn will feel natural.

#2 Repost, Reuse, republish

Have you written a peice or blog post for your company? Post it here, LinkedIn is a great place to share work you have done elsewhere with your network. Not only this but it can help expose you to others outside of your immediate network too!

#3 Create content

Always remember that what you put online will stay there, don’t post anything that could harm your company or your reputation now or in the future.

#4 Celebrate others

It’s not all about you, LinkedIn provides a great space to celebrate the achievements of others. Recognize what others in your network are doing, and take the time to celebrate them! It promotes them to your network too.

#5 Don’t spam

LinkedIn is an excellent platform for connecting with other professionals or marketing things to them, however, remember how you feel when you receive these sorts of messages. Don’t overload people and always try to make your messages as personal as possible.

#6 Location, location, location

Are you traveling anywhere for business soon? Look into which of your connections are based there, and reach out to them for a coffee whilst you are in town. It's a great way to stay connected with people, and meet new connections!

#7 Ask for help and advice

LinkedIn is a great place to share your expertise in various industries, but also a great place to seek help and guidance from others! Try posing a question or dilemma to your network, you’ll be surprised by how their responses can be beneficial.

#8 Keep connecting

If you know of two people who could help one another in their various goals, link them! Drop both of them a message and let them know how you think this connection could benefit them, you never know where it could lead.

#9 Use LinkedIn’s resources

LinkedIn has put a lot of investment into improving its resources, so take the time to explore them. You could end up learning something new that could fuel your career or business!

#10 Limit yourself

Like every social media platform, don’t let it take over your life. Stick to your five-minute rule, and don’t spend all day scrolling up and down without doing anything. Use LinkedIn well and effectively!

Try using these tips to make the most of your LinkedIn account, and why not start by following our page below!

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