Treating your Resume like your Dating Profile

November 7, 2022

If you’ve ever downloaded a dating app, you know what it means to swipe left or right. And for those who haven’t experienced the joys of online dating, swiping right means “I’d like to get to know you more!”,  swiping left - “you’re not the one for me.” 

We create dating profiles with our best photos, funny stories about our lives and the hobbies we love to do all in the hopes to meet someone great. It sounds easy enough, but once you’re on the app it can feel like you're endlessly swiping to find someone you’re interested in going on a date with.

When you think about it, finding a role or company that is a great match is a lot like online dating. Your resume is like your dating profile and your professional profile displays who you are to future employers and why they might want to hire you. And just like the dating world, it can feel like rejection after rejection when you apply to roles and aren’t getting interviews. 

We aren’t going to speculate on why potential dates might be swiping right or left on your dating profile, but when it comes to your professional profile, we can help.

So what are the top reasons companies are swiping left on your resume?

  1. Don’t overshare on first dates or your resume! Your resume is probably way too long.

Did you list every job you’ve had since you graduated highschool on your resume? Although you should be proud of how far 18 year-old you has come, nobody has time to read all of that.

Be careful to be strategic with what you include and prioritize the most relevant information as well as the most recent roles you’ve held.

  1. Do you say you like to take long walks on the beach on your dating profile? Don’t use the same generic and cliche language on your resume.

Did you copy and paste your job description and turn that into your resume? Oh yes, it is that obvious!

If you have a generic resume, the recruiter might scratch their head and ask themselves, did this person even read about the job they are applying for? If it seems like you are blanket applying to hundreds of jobs with a generic resume, it can come across to those reading your application that you don’t know how to succinctly describe yourself, your skills or your accomplishments.

How do you know if you’re being generic? Does every sentence of your bulleted responsibilities start with the word “performed”...

  1. You wouldn’t go on a first date with spinach in your teeth, so check to see if your resume has typos!

C’mon! This one is a no brainer - spell check is your friend.

Don’t make this careless mistake, have someone review your resume before you submit it anywhere.

Our advice, If you don’t have a friend to help you spellcheck, read it outloud to yourself! That’s one way to catch a lot of grammar and spelling mistakes.

  1. Don’t use your old pick up lines or an outdated, poorly formatted resume.

“If I could rearrange the alphabet, I’d put you and I together.”

Are you using the same resume that you had when you applied to your first job? It’s okay, you can admit it! If so, it might be time to dust it off and research some modern formatting.

Rule of thumb, you don’t need anything overly flashy, but your new resume does need to flow and it needs to be simple to read.

  1. Let the real you shine! If someone has to dig through your dating profile to get a sense of who you are or go through your resume with a fine tooth comb to find your relevant skills, they will probably swipe left.

If you don’t list the top relevant skills that a company or role requires at the beginning of your resume or job duties you’re doing yourself a disservice.

Just like how your dating profile should uniquely reflect your life and interests to attract those who want to date you, the wording you use on your resume should clearly demonstrate whatever ownership you had in your role and day to day responsibilities to future employers.

Pro-tip, look at the language used in the Job Description to describe wanted qualifications in candidates and make sure your resume reflects that language!

  1. Maybe you aren’t a match (for the position.)

Not every job can be your soulmate! If none of these other reasons listed above apply, not being a good match for the role is likely the culprit.

Despite popular opinion, there are still human beings who review resumes and they are the ones who decide if you aren’t a fit for the role. If you aren’t clear as to why you’re getting rejected,  it never hurts to ask for feedback.

If you do feel like you’re a good fit and you’re still getting swiped left, go back to reason number 5, rinse and repeat! 

If your dating profile has no photos of you in it or doesn’t talk about what you love to do, don't be shocked when you don’t get any dates! Similarly, if your resume doesn’t accurately represent you professionally, you aren’t going to get invited to interviews. 

Recruiters are masters at scanning a resume to see if someone is qualified, so don’t disqualify yourself with these top mistakes. Another pro tip, make sure both your resume and LinkedIn profile are in good shape! 

If you need advice on how to get companies to stop swiping left so you can land your dream job, the recruiters at Intelletec are here to help. Start a conversation with one of our recruiters today!

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